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m i c c a

m i c c a is a non-binary Rockaway resident, performer, choreographer, & creator.  


They perform tests of endurance in visually stunning environments to encourage gathering intimately with a shared visceral experience.


m i c c a creates community driven site specific installations as a platform of possibility offering experiences invested in choice and sensation.  


m i c c a's mission 

to instill belief in our integrity and capability as a community through artistic gatherings.

To use movement to familiarize audiences with experiencing the human body as a form, communicator, and its own work of art.

To keep wonder attainable by producing events that are free to discover and attend.

To promote free will and creative possibility by giving their audience permission to view with agency.

They believe in allowing their audience choice in how they view their artwork, to emphasize the many roles it takes to create a moment, and replicate and value a community. 

m i c c a commits

to equitable wages for their collaborating artists

In the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic many dancers were without work and without unemployment benefits because freelance dancers are frequently misclassified as independent contractors, which forces them to work without crucial labor protections.

It is a top priority that we pay our collaborating artists valued wages and all dancers are on W2s. 

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