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January 16th Live Performance
m i c c a

January 16th Live Performance

Watch P I N E performance 1/16

a perfomance
an installation 
a communal processing of grief 

p i n e for us

p i n e for time


I miss you dearly & think of you often

bury me & come back

drag me I’m dragging

Until you need to stop,

then stop

p i n e


I miss you dearly & think of you often

You inspire across distance & time


p i n e for us

p i n e for time


a study in loss, grief, human endurance, and the fortitude of community.

conceived out of necessity to mourn in a time of compiling obstacles.

a communal processing of grief in a natural outdoor environment. Use of endless space supports viewer agency in how one chooses to gather, connect, and witness art.   P I N E is an opportunity and proof that we can gather safely, we can support positive health, and we can find hope.  




We just have to want to show up

P I N E in the Press


Brooklyn Rail Review

by Hallie Chametzky

"How should we make dances during a pandemic? How can we make dances as the world warms? How will we make dances when our neighbors and loved ones get sick and die from disease or climate disaster? P I N E, a new performance work by dance artist m i c c a, seeks answers."


What our audience is saying


Margo Sacerdote

"it felt like a collective witnessing and sharing in all of the feelings and experiences of the past couple years"


Rebecca Parker

" The location and timing were amazing, on the beach in the winter as the sun was setting. I love how nature was part of this process. I've never seen a dance performance that worked with the natural energy of the earth like that before." 


Connor Speetjens

"Thank you so much. I was very very moved. And I felt a very personal sense of closure for my loss. And I also felt the power of experiencing that collectively. Everyone performing, assisting and attending was so open and present."


is dedicated to
Sam Jayne & Jeffrey McDonagh 
and in loving memory of...

P I N E began as a personal story of loss.

December 2020,  on the cusp of winter and nine months into The Pandemic

                                                             I lost a friend

My first response was denial.

I would text them as if any moment they would text back and it was all just a joke. 

 And then,

                                  Guilt    shame    regret.   sorrow    grief  

Emotions I denied myself permission to process

Mourning is not ment to be done alone

P I N E began on the evening of my friend's memorial, at a beach bonfire in twenty degree weather, as improvisation with a single tree harnessed to my chest.  I dragged, struggled and found myself bound and connected to this tree as I expressed my undeserving sorrow. The necessity to gather and mourn through obstacles of sickness and freezing weather inspired me.  I found hope in the power and potential of us.  The death of my friend did not have to be the bottom, it could be the beginning.   


January 2021 I began to build P I N E into a twenty minute sunset performance in a forest of twenty trees for anyone willing and wanting to endure the cold, to connect, to mourn, and

                           to find the power and potential of us.  


And then, less than a week before the January 23rd performance

I lost another friend. 

So we endure.  We endure all the overwhelming loss.  We endure for all that once was, that will never be again, and by gathering, we find hope

                        through the power and potential of us.    


P I N E dedicated to Sam Jayne and Jeffrey McDonagh

and in loving memory of.....

You're invited to honor your loss by making your own dedication to P I N E

Dedications can be a name, a poem, a prayer, a love letter, a message, or a memory. 

Dedications will be incorporated into our upcoming film made in collaboration with Team Bubbly

Submit a dedication to P I N E

Meet the Cast


Sarah Chien

  • Instagram

 is a queer, multiracial, third-generation New Yorker, based in Brooklyn. She has performed throughout the United States, Greece, Slovakia, Spain and Italy. Her work has been shown at Joe’s Pub, University Settlement, Triskelion Arts, Arts on Site, The Brick, Eden’s Expressway, and Chez Bushwick. Sarah’s performance projects include ∞therside collective, an international improvisation collective; ¡Spontaneous Combustion!, a performance party series on her rooftop, and Songs Stuck in My Body, her touring dance-theater solo show. Her self-published book, How to Build a Dance Floor, is available on her website. She was a company member for Andre Zachery, Sydnie L. Mosley Dances, and Jody Sperling.


Kristi Cole

  • Instagram

(she/her) is a Queer, Queens-based performer and choreographer. Kristi has been awarded the New Work Grant from Queens Council on the Arts, the Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation Artist-in-Residence, and a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant. Her first self-directed, edited and choreographed dance film, Enantiodromia, premiered in November 2021. Her stage and film work, under the name Kristi Cole & Guests, has been presented in the tri-state area and Atlanta, Georgia. Kristi has worked with Maida Withers, Vicky Shick, Taylor Donofrio, Lauren Beirne, Georgina Bates, Amanda + James, Lenka Vagnerova, M I C C A, and Michael Parmelee. She currently serves as an Art Commissioner with the Queens Council on the Arts.


Madeline Robertson

  • Instagram

 (she/they) is a freelance movement artist currently based in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated cum laude from the Conservatory of Dance at SUNY Purchase in 2017. While at Purchase, she performed works by George Balanchine, Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham, Adam Barruch, Sidra Bell, Doug Varone, and others. Madeline also had the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in Singapore at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and worked with Jeffrey Tan and Albert Tiong during her time there. Since graduating, they have worked with artists such as POGO Dance, A-Y Dancers, Joan Bradford, Depth Dance, and Kristi Cole and Guests, as well as creating their own solo improvisatory-based work.


Therese Ronco

  • Instagram

is a Brooklyn-based artist. She is thrilled to be working with Micca as a part of P I N E. Therese dances (and sings) with ChristinaNoel & The Creature and performs with Kinesis Project dance theater, MICCA, Kristi Cole + Guests, Effy Grey, Kathryn Alter, Jeff Shortt, and 5th Digit Dance in addition to making her own work with Lucy Wild.

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