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January 16th Live Performance
m i c c a

January 16th Live Performance

Watch P I N E performance 1/16

a perfomance
an installation 
a communal processing of grief 

p i n e for us

p i n e for time


I miss you dearly & think of you often

bury me & come back

drag me I’m dragging

Until you need to stop,

then stop

p i n e


I miss you dearly & think of you often

You inspire across distance & time


p i n e for us

p i n e for time


a study in loss, grief, human endurance, and the fortitude of community.

conceived out of necessity to mourn in a time of compiling obstacles.

a communal processing of grief in a natural outdoor environment. Use of endless space supports viewer agency in how one chooses to gather, connect, and witness art.   P I N E is an opportunity and proof that we can gather safely, we can support positive health, and we can find hope.  




We just have to want to show up

P I N E in the Press


Brooklyn Rail Review

by Hallie Chametzky

"How should we make dances during a pandemic? How can we make dances as the world warms? How will we make dances when our neighbors and loved ones get sick and die from disease or climate disaster? P I N E, a new performance work by dance artist m i c c a, seeks answers."


What our audience is saying


Margo Sacerdote

"it felt like a collective witnessing and sharing in all of the feelings and experiences of the past couple years"


Rebecca Parker

" The location and timing were amazing, on the beach in the winter as the sun was setting. I love how nature was part of this process. I've never seen a dance performance that worked with the natural energy of the earth like that before." 


Connor Speetjens

"Thank you so much. I was very very moved. And I felt a very personal sense of closure for my loss. And I also felt the power of experiencing that collectively. Everyone performing, assisting and attending was so open and present."


is dedicated to
Sam Jayne & Jeffrey McDonagh 
and in loving memory of...

P I N E began as a personal story of loss.

December 2020,  on the cusp of winter and nine months into The Pandemic

                                                             I lost a friend

My first response was denial.

I would text them as if any moment they would text back and it was all just a joke. 

 And then,

                                  Guilt    shame    regret.   sorrow    grief  

Emotions I denied myself permission to process

Mourning is not ment to be done alone

P I N E began on the evening of my friend's memorial, at a beach bonfire in twenty degree weather, as improvisation with a single tree harnessed to my chest.  I dragged, struggled and found myself bound and connected to this tree as I expressed my undeserving sorrow. The necessity to gather and mourn through obstacles of sickness and freezing weather inspired me.  I found hope in the power and potential of us.  The death of my friend did not have to be the bottom, it could be the beginning.   


January 2021 I began to build P I N E into a twenty minute sunset performance in a forest of twenty trees for anyone willing and wanting to endure the cold, to connect, to mourn, and